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The American judicial system is ‘supposedly’ where one can expect justice to be served. Surprisingly, it is in a state where justice is seldom served. Those in power continue to use their sources and wealth to demean and violate the offices of law without any repercussions. As Carmelo Pinnavaria, in his book, Court vs. Pro-Se, says that the building of the Supreme Court should say equal justice for the ‘privileged’ instead of “equal justice under law.”

Let us shed some light on the ironic predicament that the world is currently in.

The Problems Lie Within

Unfortunately, the root of the problem is the entities entrusted with the responsibility to serve justice. In other words, you’d find that many law and court officers are corrupt. Even if the police department or the FBI works tirelessly to capture criminals, the court officers have other things in mind. Carmelo writes in his book that one example of the Supreme court’s incompetence is the dreadful date of October 9th, 2018. Twenty-two cases were left pending, and more than 400 were denied persecution.

A Waste of Taxpayers’ Money

Our citizens work tirelessly to bring food to the table and pay taxes to keep themselves on track. But what’s the point? They can’t even get justice on a parking ticket, yet they are forced to pay taxes to a country that cannot respond to their cry for justice. The supreme court has become just a future monument for a museum because justice doesn’t prevail here.

The Officers of Court or the Officers of the Those with Power

The political situation within the country is catastrophic, but the officers behind the benches are making it worse. People used to say that judges are ruthless when providing justice. They are half right because they are only ruthless when it’s the weak in the dock. So, the real question is, where is the justice we seek? If we’re talking hard facts, we have nowhere to go.

Carmelo Pinnavaria’s Book Unlocking Secrets

In today’s world, when we have to be transparent to survive, the pictures get blurred inside the court offices. The author of the book Court Vs. Pro-se: TRUE STORY At War For Justice, Carmelo once walked between those walls and understands what actually goes on in there. The book discusses his experience and everything the court offices are responsible for. So, if you want to know darker secrets lurking in the courtrooms, order your copy of the book today.

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