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Carmelo Pinnavaria

Carmelo (Carmen) Pinnavaria migrated to the United States at the age of nineteen, and he exercised his legal right as a naturalized citizen. He explored the American culture to build a future, and a better way of life like many others before him. After a year, he realized that the United States is a jungle and only the fittest have the hope to survive. To understand the American culture, he went to night school to learn English; it was not easy at all. As a young man wanting to build a future, he enrolls at the University of Life, known as the “School of Hard Knocks”. From his self-studies, he wanted to understand what makes capitalism work. Today, he wishes that he never did. For this, he needed to find a job with a future. His first job was as a draftsman trainee. But to get ahead, he needed to switch from job to job with different companies to get as much experience as possible.

Soon, Carmen discovered that the U.S. economy was like a roller coaster, with a recession taking place every four to five years. Over the years of his career when a recession occurred, he lost his job several times, like many others. The old saying, “when life knocks you down and fall, you need to get right back up and keep walking.” He was taught not to lose faith in life and keep in mind that the next time you succeed, it will be a great feeling. During his lifetime, Carmen found that life has been like a beautiful rose with many thorns. When it comes to life, it is purely your choice what you want to learn and what you don’t. The facts of life are: life is a game that comes without instructions.

carmelo pinnavaria author

He believed that the United Stated of America was created upon the foundation of the Constitution “We the People”, for the people, and where equality and justice is for all. His upbringing was to be honest, moral, integrity, and respect for others. He was a law-abiding citizen, who never put too much attention to our legal system until he became a harmless small fish thrown into shark-infested waters. This book is all about being the small fish swimming in water with sharks, fighting to survive, and living to tell the story.