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At War for Justice” is the book of the century. It’s a book that no one ever dares to write, bringing to light the ills of our Constitution, our democracy, and our freedom that we take for granted. Exposes the corruption of our judicial system and that we are added for self-destruction of this great country. Highlights the suffering mankind for the past 100 years due to wars and political unrest throughout the world. The future of our planet for us and our future generations. The “Russian Roulette” that the superpower is playing with their nuclear arsenals. The demise of a giant corporation (Motorola) from Glory to Ashes. “At war for justice” searches for answers, discloses the Truth and injustice by the secret society that controls the world economy and elected officials. Discloses the difference between the truth justice and the American way; the American way gives the opportunity to the elite class to suppress the lower class based on their power. A judicial system is supposed to protect all people, rich and poor, regardless of color, race, religion, or gender. Leading to equal Justice for all; instead, it serves Justice only to people with money.. The rich have the ability to bribe their way out of every situation. Also, it is not only the bribe that can get them out of almost every case. Sometimes, it is the influence of the power itself that can play a major role in delaying the Justice which needs to be served for violating the law, despite the context. Is about a judicial system in which you need to pay to play. This is a matter of life and death; it’s your future, do not stand back, take charge and fight for it.

True Story of Justice

Carmelo Pinnavaria is a US citizen who believes in justice and is the author of “At War for Justice book”  “atwar4justice.com”

Real Stories of Justice. Is it all true, or is it a complete lie? Read more now to find out what is kept hidden from the people and what we all know.

When we think of justice, we often think of the court and the justice system as a whole. However, the stories we often see on TV or hear from people are just a small fraction of what goes on in the justice system around the world. Many things could be improved, and there are many other issues with the justice systems worldwide. It is important to question whether steps or measures are being taken to address these issues and make improvements. As citizens, we deserve to know the truth and have transparency in the justice system.

It is important to acknowledge that what we are shown in the justice system isn’t always the truth. The true story of justice is often hidden from people for unknown reasons. Although justice for all is the motto of these justice systems, it is often lacking in these organizations. It is strange that some people refer to these organizations as industries,” which may have a subliminal message that is not always positive. While this may be taken as a joke, it is important to consider the implications of this terminology.

Although I am not a critic making statements against the American justice system, it is easy to understand that it can be a terrible experience for those who become victims of it. Even if a person is found guilty of the most minor crime, like shoplifting, they can be put behind bars with numerous allegations, which can cause them to lose hope of returning to an everyday, respectable life. Moreover, after serving their sentence, the victim may face restrictions on buying or renting any property, getting a decent-paying job, or even purchasing a vehicle. These limitations can make it difficult for the victim to survive, leading them to turn towards crime again. It is essential to examine these issues and find ways to improve the justice system to serve the people better.

The situation of the justice system is similar to building a 15-foot-tall concrete wall and asking a man to climb over the top without a ladder. When such scenarios take place, crime becomes inevitable. The purpose of stating all these facts and figures is to make everyone aware of the rigged system on which people rely. Ordinary, innocent civilians may be unaware of the deals made under the table. It is essential to raise awareness and encourage people to question the justice system to ensure that it is fair and transparent.

Many people turn to the courtroom to seek justice, considering it their last resort when other law enforcement agencies seem unfair. However, they may not realize that courts in the United States of America can be just as rigged as any other organization out there. There is a possibility of bribing the judge, tampering with evidence, and even changing the decision entirely. This is a sad reality that people are not unaware of. Nonetheless, it is a relief to know that people are starting to think outside the box and not solely rely on what they hear from others. It is crucial to raise awareness of these issues and work towards creating a more transparent and fair justice system.

While there are certainly bad traits of justice systems, it is important to recognize that not all organizations are bad or wrong. Some organizations do serve justice, and our stories about justice are not always one-sided. Some are true and transparent. However, there are stories that are not true and are kept hidden. Unfortunately, there may not be much that can be done about this issue except to continue discussing it more often. By raising awareness and encouraging transparency, we can work towards creating a fairer and more just society.

By discussing these issues more often, we can spread awareness and help people understand what is hidden from them and what is not. Unfortunately, there are many cases where those who seek justice are silenced, either by money or serious threats. There are even worse cases than just trying to bribe or threaten the victim, but it is not necessary to talk about them here. The point is that we, the people, have every right to know the true story of justice. Justice for all is what we need, and we, the people, can make it a reality. By working together towards transparency and fairness, we can create a better and more just society for all.

It is worth noting that there is an entire book about the true story of justice written by a renowned author named Carmelo Pinnavaria. In his book, he shares his personal experience of dealing with the American Justice System and the Supreme Court. He talks about everything that he believes must be addressed to the readers and provides an excellent opportunity for those willing to know beyond the headlines. The book is a feast for people who want to know the actual story and how these systems are working against the people while claiming to be working for the people. It is essential to read such books to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the justice system and to work towards creating a more transparent and fair system for all.


The law serves justice to those who are unjust to others. This is what we all have been believing for so long. We see people fight for justice in courts where the law is for everyone. However, it may be disturbing for some people to know that the law isn’t the same for everyone in this world. For the rich and elite class, the law is different.

There can’t be Justice without the Truth, because Truth and Justice go hand-in-hand. Justice is served to everyone on the basis of Truth upon confrontation and confession during the court sessions. It can be really disturbing to know that indeed there is a difference between truth justice and the American way. In the American way, the law can differ based on the social status and class of the one who is accused. If the accused person belongs to the elite class, truth and justice appear as two different things. If a person belonging to a lower class turns towards the law to fight for justice, for their right, they can be turned down by power and money.

The difference between truth justice and the American way is that the American way gives the opportunity to the elite class to suppress the lower class on the basis of their power. Let’s take a case for example. A normal civilian who accidentally parks in the “No Parking” zone will eventually get a ticket for violating the law. They will pay for the ticket and try to avoid violating the law from that point onwards. However, the truth justice and the American way are likely to make an exception for the elite class upon making the same mistake.

If a person belonging to the rich class violates the law unintentionally or even intentionally, they can demand to be excused or bribe their way out just to avoid paying for the ticket. This was an example to explain how the fight for justice can differ for different classes. If there are other cases that are dealt with in the court, the same rules can be applied over there. A middle-class person will turn towards the law and seek their decision on the basis of truth and justice, but their fight for justice may be turned down if the opposing party belongs to the elite category.

This certain talk is being talked about publically but in a slightly different context. Whenever we hear news about the law is different for different classes, it is related to politicians from different parts of the world. The media continually talks about how they can get away with their violations while the poor spend their entire time identifying the difference between the truth justice and the American way. It can be a quite lengthy debate if we turn towards the Media and what they portray against what is the reality. However, let’s just stick to our main discussion which is about the law for the elite.

After looking at multiple cases, it is easy to deduce the fact that the law indeed differs for people belonging to different classes. If you’re a middle-class person even working 9 to 5 and dealing with a spoilt brat from the rich class, there is nothing much you can do about it. The rich have the ability to bribe their way out of every situation. Also, it is not only the bribe that can get them out of almost every situation. Sometimes, it is the influence of the power itself that can play a major role in delaying the justice which needs to be served for violating the law, despite the context.

There is nothing much that can be done to balance the truth and justice for the elite when you’re up against them in the court, but there is always hope. A hope that no matter how strong the violator or accused one is, justice will be served. There are reasons why courts are the last resort for people when they want justice, but gets turned down under the influence of power. We may find some advocates who are hungry for money and even take a bribe to turn their case down, but we can also look up to lawyers who remain true to themselves and always promote equal justice for everyone.

In conclusion, the law really is different for the elite class, but they can’t always get away with it. Just like we see corrupt politicians getting served with justice, we can expect the same justice in our cases if needed. The judges and courts are there for the general public to help them, to be their last resort when an influential violates the law and suppresses them under their superiority. The law is there for everyone and justice will be served to everyone despite their status, power, or influence over everything.