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At War for Justice: An Urgent Plea for Equality and Transparency in the Legal System

Trout Valley, Illinois – October 02, 2023 – In a compelling new publication titled At War for Justice, Carmelo Pinnavaria dedicates his work to the courageous Pro-se individuals battling the legal system’s abuse of power, dishonesty, lies, and corruption.

This impassioned call to action invites all who read it to stand up and make a difference. It urges readers to join the fight for justice, safeguard the Constitution for future generations, and protect America from money-driven malevolence. This mission, it contends, is a cause worth fighting for, even if it means sacrificing all. May divine justice ultimately prevail.

The book is a stark exposé of the corruption within the judicial system, particularly concerning hate crimes perpetrated with criminal intent against Pro-se litigants. The book underscores the fundamental principle that courts should operate with justice and fairness, upholding the law and safeguarding the rights of all individuals. However, it contends that the trial court is driven by individuals with criminal intentions instead of adhering to these principles.
Rather than protecting the innocent, the system seems to be persecuting them. A judicial system ensures justice for all, regardless of wealth, race, religion, or gender, promoting equality. Yet, it favors the privileged, who can manipulate the system to their advantage. Money influences outcomes and can delay justice for those the law has wronged.

At War for Justice extends its inquiry into matters of profound consequence, including the secrecy surrounding societal elites, the truth behind significant events like 9/11, the Kennedy family’s tragic fate, the influence of the Federal Reserve Cartel, the future of our planet, the looming threat of nuclear war, and the stark differences between the Judge’s Retirement System and Social Security, as well as the elusive American dream. The book asserts that money can never buy love and questions the true meaning of foreign aid.
This publication is more than just a book; it is a call to action, a matter of life and death, and a plea to secure a brighter future. At War for Justice urges readers not to remain passive but to take charge and champion this vital cause.
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