About the Book

About The Book

At “War for Justice” is the book of the century. Brings to light the blood, sweat and tears from past generations that made this country great. The human suffering for the past 100 years due to wars and political unrest throughout the world. Highlights the status of our civilization and the future of our planet for future generations and us.

The demise of a corporate giant, (Mot) from “Glory to Ashes” took 75 years to build and 15 to destroy.

While the super powers, United States, Russia, China and nations with nuclear weapons are playing “Russian Roulette” with the development of more sophisticated nuclear weapons. We are heading for self-destruction of the human race. Our corrupt politicians are serving their own interests and not the interest of “We the People”. Wasting taxpayers’ money in the military builds up around the world and aids to other countries, while people in their country are starving. A judicial system design to protect all people, rich and poor, regardless color, race, religion, gender, equal justice for all. Its justice for people with money, it is about a judicial system that you need to pay to play. It’s about the ills of our Constitution, our democracy, and our freedom that we take for granted. It’s a matter of life and death, it’s your future, do not stand back fight for it.