(True Story at war for justice)

Court vs Pro-se

You know the funny thing about life, after you retire, is that it seems monotonous most of the time. And you get used to the tedium of life but then suddenly you take a step in a slightly wrong direction and everything starts crumbling in front of your eyes.

This is a lesson better not learned but when it comes to life, it is hardly your choice what you want to learn and what you don’t. The facts of life are; life is a game and comes without any instructions. Most of all, mutual trust and respect for each other as human beings. Our society has cancer, with the irreversible trend, with cancer cells starting at the top, with our legal system. On top is our political Representative, elected to serve “We the people” under the Constitution as was written and not to own interpenetration as see it fit, serve own self-interest and the interest of the contributors that got them elected.

The Supreme Court of the United States has the responsibility, duty to safeguard the Constitution and what it stands for, Equality and Justice to All. In a nutshell, this is our democratic system at work at is best. How many times we heard from our elected Representatives, about astronomical medical cost charges by doctors, hospitals and drug companies. Where seniors and the middle class are struggling to pay for the basic cost of health care.

A service that only the rich can pay for, and with enough money you can buy the best legal firm in the Country and win. These are the individuals above the law, the Constitution does not apply because of “Money”. God forbid you ever need legal assistance you will be taken to the cleaner, as many of you have. The goal is to exploit, take advantage of the situation to maximize their profits, charge whatever it takes. Suck every drop of blood from the less fortunate. Some attorneys bill you for fraction of a minute. Their fees may be negotiable, yes, under their terms. As you all know that in any litigation, the winners are the “Attorneys.”

The great recession is created by a few individuals for the greed of money. US Supreme Court decisions are made to serve Justice for all. This is what we all believe when we hear that justice has been served, but what we don’t know is the true story of Justice. After the great recession was created since the great depression, it destroyed many families, put them through the financial crisis and no one was held accountable. The sole reason behind that was the people who were in power, the people belonging to the elite class.

I strongly believe that to the politicians, we should not exclude the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) organizations. They continually say Justice for all, but do politicians or the elite class get put behind bars when accused of such heinous acts? We know they are elected to serve “We the people”, but are they abiding by the law after conducting such acts? This is not how a representative is like who vows on serving “We the people”. If they are taken to the court and held accountable for their actions, the US Supreme Court decisions will only put them behind bars, nothing less.

I have written this book to be one of those many books to read and unveil the true story of Justice, with the sole purpose of making it one of the most preferred books to read for people who have lost their faith in justice for all. When looking at our political arena in Washington, it is governed by “Circus of Clowns” most attorneys, which are the cells of our cancer. The Supreme Court of the United States justices are elected by no other than our puppet politicians despite having hope that US Supreme Court decisions will tell the true story of justice.

The books to read for justice are not easy to find as some people fear to tell the true story of justice, but I have taken the liberty of unveiling the actual US Supreme Court decisions. I have done this for people to understand that “We the people” hold the power to bring justice for all. I want to ensure that whenever someone looks at the books to read when they talk about justice being served, I want this book to be to be the one that unveils the true puppets in the courts, the hypocrites who think it is easy to get away from the law after violating it.

The influence of power can’t get anyone away from justice. Justice is for all despite the class, power, status, and occupation of the person who is held accountable for violating the law in any possible manner.